💪 Gainful: Personalized protein powder

Personalized nutrition. Made for your lifestyle | Drop #31

Protein powder. Seems simple. Until you realize how much you can customize it to help your unique body. This week’s startup, Gainful, is making it easier for folks to achieve their fitness goals through better nutrition — let’s check them out!

✍️ Letter from the editor:

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Proper Good creates ready-to-eat meals for folks who want to eat healthy and are on a time crunch. Their meals take 90 seconds to prepare, come in various options (keto, extra-protein, vegan, etc), and are made with 100% real ingredients!

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⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

The concept of personalized nutrition has been around for a while. However, personalized supplements - specifically protein powder - has just recently been uncovered.

Gainful is making a customized protein powder specialized to individual bodies. They create unique protein powders to help meet their consumer’s unique fitness and health needs. To get started, their customers take a quiz about their personal fitness goals, diet, and body. Then, Gainful sends the customers personalized formulas and recommendations. Finally, Gainful lets customers purchase their customized protein (that has been adjusted for individual needs) and also adds on additional options like chatting with a registered dietician (as add-ons).

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://www.gainful.com/
Founded: 2017
Stage: Series A
University: UC Berkeley
Trend: Fitness, Food
Traction: Thousands of units sold, Y Combinator company, ~90k Instagram followers Team - UC Berkeley Chemical Engineering Alumni with a passion for fitness
Dean Kelly - CEO
Eric Wu - COO, co-founder
Jahaan Ansari - CTO, co-founder

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 🔥 Hot market
    In general, Humans are becoming more health conscious. Nutrition is a fast growing industry and Gainful is riding the wave of personalized nutrition. This is evidenced by their huge organic following, and great reviews!

  2. 📈 Adjacent products (huge TAM)
    Gainful has already explored outside of protein powder to also include pre-workout. We think that different food products, as well as non-food add ons (such as personalized fitness advice) can easily increase their total market potential. Beyond protein powder, they are also expanding into other fitness products like personalized hydration and pre-workout — in total, there is a huge market opportunity in this space and their take ton customizability will set them apart from competitors.

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